Hi Natasha,

On Saturday we were at the Manulife Centre store and I was able to spend the entire amount of the Shopping Experience (plus more). I am just writing to let you know that Amiko, who assisted us, was wonderful. She was very knowledgable and patient, and she made the experience fun. In the end, we got amazing items that will truly be enjoyed. Thank you so much for arranging this for me!



"This store sets the bar for excellent customer service.
I went in with a small issue with a pair of slippers and they were able to resolve it without issue, despite my not matching all the criteria for an exchange or refund.
Further, and to reiterate another comment, there is zero pressure and everyone I dealt with has been incredibly pleasant.
While the prices are not the lowest, the quality is top notch and it's not unusual to get 10+ years use out of these (or 20+ if you take care of your stuff properly), so the value is definitely there.
Highly recommended for high quality shoes, slippers, & purses and customer service."
Keven via Google Review

Dear Melanie,

I absolutely LOVE my Lyla Onyx slingbacks! They're stylish, extremely comfortable and an outstanding value. Everywhere I go and everyone who sees my shoes asks what brand I'm wearing. If, like me, you're struggling with foot problems, such as bunions or corns, these shoes, which have a square toe, are calling your name. Best,


I just have to let you know and happy to post this but the Linden has been life saving for me. I am a nurse and hurt my back on the job. I love designer shoes but can never find comfortable ones. I got the Linden in October and now have 3 pairs of Ron White shoes. It has increased my ability to walk short and long distances. It truly has changed my life!



Dear Sir,

I wanted to give Mr. Warner a huge compliment. You are truly blessed to have an employee like Justin.  I have started to recently buy Ron white shoes. I now have 6 pairs all over $600.00 and love them all. In fact, I am waiting for delivery of one more pair for Monday. Some lovely boots. And I have Justin looking for a size 38 of the Sandria boots, have one pair already but would like one or two more. I have been talking with Justin on email and phone about getting my order, faxing my Ron white credit card authorization form etc.  He has been probably the nicest employee I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. What a great employee you have working for you. In fact, I will continue to buy Ron white shoes because of him. He has found sizes that were not posted online. And such a nice gentleman.  I now check for new shoes and boots every few days. I have seen Ron on the shopping channel and that is where I got his name from but only ordered from the Toronto store as that is where the shoes were that I liked. I will have so many pairs soon. Like I said, already 6 and now 7. Thank you so much. I just wanted to give Justin a huge compliment for all his kind help. With Justin working for you, you can’t go wrong. Keep up the great employees. And thank you,

Yours truly,



Dear Sir,

Recently I bought a pair of shoes from your new Bayview Store.  They were wickedly expensive!  But the young lady who served me, Lisa, was so kind and helpful that I may come & spend a fortune again.  If all your salespeople are as charming and kind as she was – you are fortunate indeed.

Yours sincerely,



Went to your Bayview Village store in June, just before going on holiday and wanted to get some comfortable walking shoes.  I believe the person who served us was David. 

I could not believe the fantastic service that we got, reminded me of the “old days”.  Sadly, I remember the old days, but that’s not your problem.  Anyway, the service was great and so were the shoes and the trip.

Thanks, we will come again.



I wanted to send a shout-out to your company for giving women a fashionable option that is still comfortable. I had resigned myself to choosing between my hobby of distance running or my love of fashionable shoes, and then I discovered this brand. I love this brand so much that I am wearing my "Jessica" wedge sandals to my wedding next month: I am confident I will be dancing the night away in them!




Hi there!

Just a short message to compliment an awesome employee by the name of Leighsa Stott at the Yorkdale Store.  We have visited several times lately and she has helped myself and my two daughters with shoe and boot selection.  She is very patient (we spent almost 2 hours in the store for a proper fitting!) She made a pair fit exactly and was pleasant and lovely throughout the sale.

Please send her a congratulatory note on our behalf and know that you have excellent employees.

Thank you!



To Whom It May Concern,

My family and I had the pleasure of being helped at your store by Ms. Walsh, and thought that she was excellent! In the middle of a busy day she somehow managed to help multiple people at once while continuing to be helpful, polite, affable and downright pleasant. Although we unfortunately only left with a single pair of shoes, we are certain to return to Ron White for further purchases in the future, thanks largely in part to Ms. Walsh's service. If there is any way that she could be recognized for this effort (which I'm sure is the norm for her), or have a record in her corporate file, that would be excellent!

Thank you,




I have been a customer for more than a year now, and once I bought one pair, I never bought shoes anywhere else. Your sell a quality product and the staff at the stores I have been to have always been friendly and obliging. This week while shopping at the Manulife Centre I met Mark Blackwell, the manager of that location. He was so friendly, helpful and understanding. I left the store not only feeling great about my purchase but also the person whom I had purchased it from. I do not usually write to commend anyone, but in this case I feel that Mark really went above and beyond in ensuring that I was able to get exactly what I wanted, and that I left happy. He was an absolute pleasure to do business with and I just wanted to ensure that you appreciate the wonderful person and employee you have in him.




This is a note to say that I have shopped at this store since you came to Oakville. The one person I always looked forward to being greeted by is Wendy Aucoin. Wendy is gentle and so willing to make my shopping or purchase a feeling of being part of a family. Now that you are in your new store, there is more lovely selection. Linda is also very friendly, and my backup if Wendy is away. You are very fortunate to have these 2 special ladies representing you brand and image. May they stay there forever. I walk to your shop, and pop in at least once a week to see if any new goodies have arrived.

Most sincerely,



17 hours in those shoes and they were STILL AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE!!!!!!
I have to tell you my "Beverly "shoes are quite unbelievable. I have worn them several times and been so pleased that they are sooo comfortable - however yesterday takes the cake. I put them on at 3:30am - went to work with all the running around that entails. I then left to catch a plane and fly to Ottawa for an interview  they changed gates and the last minute and had to back track the entire length of the airport-  In Ottawa, ran from interview a few blocks to grab a Tim's - then returned to the airport  ran thru Pearson yet again and home. WOW.


Beverly Thomson
Co-host Canada AM, CTV Television Inc.


Hi Brenda: Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new sandals. Barb at the Manulife store was great and I can't say enough about the excellent customer service at Ron White. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that stands behind the products they sell and goes the extra mile for their customers. I am very impressed. Thanks again,



Dear Ron, I woke up at 5am, put on my Suzie Black All Day Heels, Got on a plane to Chicago and now at the chicago airport at 4pm and still standing and very comfortable. Your invention ROCKS!

I’am only buying All Day Heels from now on



I want to tell you a fairytale about a little girl who fell in love with All Day Heels...THEY CHANGED MY LIFE!!! My new boots are ultra-ultra-ultra-fab. I wore them from 5pm to 4am! And they are truly gorgeous shoes. Even if they weren’t INSANELY comfortable, the design is just so beautiful I would totally suffer for them if I had to hahaha!

All my best,



Hi, I purchased a BC Shoe bag today and love it! I will likely buy others. I use them as gift bags, so much nicer than paper ones.

Best Regards



I have just had the most amazing shopping experience ever! My husband James and I have been clients of your Manulife store for some time now. Your team is always really helpful and understanding -- they make shoe shopping a pleasure. You have a customer for life!! Great sale and great shoe collections all the time! I only wish you would open one in Chicago so I could get all my shoes there!!

Thank you,



Thanks very much for all your help. The salesperson Leighsa was extremely helpful and courteous. I am extremely happy with my purchase & the service.

Best Regards,



Recently I wanted to purchase another pair of MBT's, this time walking shoes (I have sandals), and also to introduce a friend of mine to Ron White stores. We did a little exploring and went to three of them.
I have to tell you: the helpfulness, courtesy and general niceness of the staff in each store was highly noticeable and quite wonderful!
Bruce Holmes at Yonge and Eglinton was extremely informative -- his card says Footwear Specialist, and that's quite accurate. Claudia, the assistant manager at Bayview Village, actually came running out to us in the parking lot to say she'd had a phone call from Oakville just as we left and searching further they'd found shoes in the right size for my friend. And Leighsa, the young clerk at the Manulife Centre store, was so pleasant, and went out of her way to find just what I wanted.
We both said how different shopping would be if all stores had such agreeable, pleasant, patient, knowledgeable staff. I don't know if we just 'happened' to come across such nice people, or if instead (as I suspect) this is store policy, and that anyone who enjoys working for you also enjoys establishing good relationships with the customers.

Thank you, for your shoes and your staff,



Hi Becky, Both Teresa and I wanted to let you know what a FABULOUS job you're doing as the "face" and voice of the website for customer interaction. We're both in sales and we know how challenging it can be to offer good customer service, especially at this time. Thank you!




Hi Becky, I just wanted to pass on a note of thanks. I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was with the customer service I have received first from Claudia, then from you with your quick response and then from Judy the manager at your Bayview Village store, who helped me find the right shoe. Thank you all for your help.

Sincerely Yours,



Dear Samantha, Thank you so much for your help in picking my first MBT's. I've been converted! They certainly rock! You are my shoe fairy!

Best Regards



This letter is just a thank you letter for Emma who did a great job with me and my daughter, i shop at ron whites stores all the time and so far she’s my favorite sales person. I can tell she’s honest , straight to the point, knows the products and is great at what she does. So thank you again Emma, i love my new shoes :) see you soon.

See you soon,



I was in your Bayview store this past Saturday. Claudia looked after me. She was incredibly helpful, professional, pleasant ... It was a pleasure to shop in your store. Please let Claudia know how much I appreciated her help.




Hello, I am writing to let you know of the fantastic service provided by Joseph at the Ron White in the Manulife Centre! I noticed on Sunday morning that my beautiful leather boots, which I'd worn outside the previous day, had awful salt stains that had remained on my shoes despite having been cleaned the previous day. I spent much of Sunday morning and early afternoon searching for salt stain remover, which proved to be a near-impossible task. I even went to another shoe store where I had originally purchased the boots, only to be told that all they carried was leather protective spray. Ron White was the tenth location I stopped into that day. When I showed Joseph the boots to ask if he thought the salt stain remover would work on the stubborn stains I had, he took the boots to the back and worked on them to see if the stains could be removed. It worked! I want to commend your store first for being the only one I could find in the Bay/Bloor - Yorkville area with salt stain remover, and second for having such kind and attentive staff! I'll definitely be coming to your stores more often as your customer service is exceptional.

Thanks very much



I just wanted to send you a note to extend a special thank you to Claudia your Assistant Manager at the Bayview Village store. I called your Manulife store yesterday looking for a pair of your Audrey all day heels. I have decided they are perfect for my wedding in the fall. Next thing I knew they were on sale and with only one pair of 39's left at the Bayview village store, Claudia was so amazingly helpful and kind to hold them for me for 4 hours (if that's against the rules don't get her in trouble!) Anyway's I made it to the store at 5 minutes to 9pm and she told me to take my time, she was so courteous (which I know can sometimes be a struggle for those in retail at this time of year.) Anyway's I am THRILLED with my shoes and can't wait to show them off at my wedding. You should really start a small bridal line - they are sooo comfortable.

All the best,



I'm a new customer through the Ron White website. I ordered Frye Campus Boots and had some difficulties with my order on line. I contacted Customer Service and received assistance from Becky. Becky went "over and above" what one would consider to be good customer service. She was incredible and I really wanted to send you a message to let your know how much I appreciate this kind of service.

Thank you very much to Becky and Ron White Inc.




It goes without saying--but I'll say it anyway--that it's ALWAYS a pleasure dealing with your organization. Your level of customer service should be considered a best practice for the industry.




I had a delightful experience in your store in the Manulife Centre. I was greeted by friendly assistants who were more than happy to get me any shoes I wanted to try on, without any pressure to buy. I did buy a pair of Cole Haan and was assured that I would be very happy with them....and I am. I loved the store and service so much that I am going back today to get a pair of Geox. I especially loved the thank you card I received in the mail a few days later. I am also very impressed with your shoe drive for the homeless and the work you do with the Breast Cancer Foundation.



I was in RON WHITE for the first time in the location on Yonge St. this past weekend where I bought a pair of sandals. I just wanted to let you know, it was a wonderful shopping experience. The person helping me was very professional and helpful. I am very happy with my purchase and will shop there again



I just had the most amazing experience at one of your shops in Oakville.

The employee who helped me was "Sue".    I can't tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with her.  She is knowledgeable, helpful and just an all-round great person to deal with.  I had a problem with a pair of shoes and her help was efficient, professional and very accommodating. 

I suppose you often get complaints, but here is an accolade for Sue in Oakville.  I will make it my first stop for shoe shopping in the future.   I have already highly recommended the store to my friends and hope that Sue gets a little recognition for a job supremely well done.



I’m a customer of your company and I had the pleasure of dealing with Judi at your Bayview store on Saturday. She is absolutely incredible and I just wanted to pass that along. I just had such a positive experience with her and here it is, almost half a week later and I still feel just wonderful about the way I was treated! I just feel so happy and wanted you to know that, just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful employee in your store.



It is Sunday and I have just purchased 2 pairs of shoes from your location in the Manulife Centre.
I feel compelled to tell you how happy I was with the service and personality of both women in the store…In particular…Becky.
I called this location on Thursday night…spoke with Becky and told her the type of shoe I was looking for.
When I arrived at the store on Sunday (as I had scheduled,) she had already selected a number of styles for me to try.  Impressive.
I felt no pressure, she made me laugh and encouraged me to enjoy the foot massage as she prepared my shoes and rang up the bill.
Becky is a gem and I hope to see her the next time I need a new pair of



I would like to tell you about the great experience I had while shopping in your Oakville store.  I was in your store several days in a row as I could not decide what shoes to purchase.  Both Sue and Joanne were outstanding in helping me.  They were always professional and friendly while I had shoes scattered around me.  It seemed that they were constantly running up and down the stairs to get different sizes for me, while still serving other customers in the store and answering the phone.  They also placed an order from another store.  They were very knowledgeable in regards to all the shoes that Ron White Shoes sells.  I had never been in your store before, but now I can tell you I will be a regular customer.  I purchased 5 pairs of shoes thanks to the care I received from Sue and Joanne.  They went above and beyond what was necessary.  They really went the extra mile.   I have recommended the Oakville store to my friends.  It is because of your professional sales staff of Sue and Joanne that I will continue to shop there.  I hope they are well rewarded!

Thanks for the great shopping experience.




I was in your store in the Manulife Centre on Saturday April 22nd, and I just wanted to say that I had quite the enjoyable experience. Never before had I been into a store where I was offered refreshments and a foot massage.  I was well received by your staff with such great kindness and service. I was also very impressed with all the information they were providing me with about Mephisto shoes and foot health.  Although I did not purchase anything I will definitely return to that store.  I also will be telling my business associates and friends about my enjoyable experience.



I went to your Bayview Village store with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and was asked if I wanted any help, almost immediately (it was extremely crowded and busy that day). With the patient and unerring assistance of Rosmarie, I bought two pairs of shoes. I returned a couple of weeks later with my mother and bought two more pairs of shoes - a pair for me and a pair for my mother.
Which brings us to Rosmarie:   when I returned the second time, I would not have gone in and purchased anything had she not been there. During both visits, she was not only patient, but calm. She checked every pair of shoes we (my mother and I) tried on, for the length, position of the toes in the toe box, etc., She brought us water. She exhibited a polite and interested manner to us throughout both occasions. She wrote down on a card the names, styles and sizes of some of the shoes that fit my mother for future reference.



I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I was with your service. An e-mail inquiry about shipping was answered promptly (by Becky) and I received my shoes today. I was extra surprised by the lovely touches in the packaging- the shoe care tips, the complimentary spray with protector, even the shoe horn and the brown and white wrapping paper were all very much appreciated (especially the wrapping paper as they were my Christmas present to myself!). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how nice it is to still find people who give a damn about service and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.




Good Afternoon:
I just wanted to let you know what a gem you have in Becky.
Quite frankly, when I sent my e-mail request asking if there were any MBT Lifestyle shoes available in my size I was not holding out much hope of finding any. Imagine my surprise when I received a very nice e-mail from Becky saying that she had found two pairs in Red, but they were the wrong size. I wrote her back and asked her to check if there were any blue left (this colour was out for a very limited time, so I really didn't hold out much hope). She has been able to secure me a pair in blue which are being sent to my closest store (Bayview). I'm happy that it looks like I'm getting the shoes I wanted, but I'm actually more happy at the treatment I received from Becky and therefore the Ron White organization. I appreciated her prompt response to my e-mails, even when it wasn't good news. It is so nice to know that there are still people out there who know what "customer service" truly is. I shall certainly be letting all my friends know about my wonderful experience.




To Wendy: Hi. Thought I’d let you know that I wore the beautiful Prevata shoes that I purchased yesterday when I walked down the “red carpet” to accept the Oakville Business Excellence Award for Entrepreneur of the Year! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me find the perfect pair of shoes to match my outfit and need for comfort.

Take care, Joni


Hi Chris, I would just like to tell you what a pleasurable experience it was shopping in your Sherway store last week. It was my first time in a Ron White store and I found it to be very enjoyable and informative. The warm and friendly sales staff were outstanding, especially George, who helped me find the shoes that were just right for me. He was extremely helpful, friendly, and I will certainly continue to be a Ron White customer.
I thought you should know what a wonderful salesperson you have.

Regards, Enza


Joanne, Just wanted to tell you how well my 2 new pairs of shoes worked out this past weekend in Las Vegas! They looked great and were really comfortable! Thanks for the fantastic service!