Ron White’s All Day Heels® technology is a world’s first. Ron re-engineered the world of designer shoes by incorporating cutting edge technology, including NASA created PORON, and paired this with luxurious materials and unique constructions to make elegant, sophisticated shoes that feel wonderful – all day. NASA created Poron is a revolutionary material that under a microscope looks like 1000 little air bubbles per square inch and even after years of wear it amazingly keeps 98% of it resiliency. It is like walking on a cloud all day long. Many styles also incorporate Superflex construction that can easily be flexed in half with two fingers and Platform heels are made with specially sourced material to absorb shock out of every step.

Ron also developed a special hybrid fit that incorporates extra room in the toe box and a very tight narrow heel for his collections. Ron White leather soled shoes are made with a specially skived out (hollowed out) sole that has rubber injected into the area under the ball of your foot providing extra hidden cushioning and a non-slip surface. Warning: there also may be a few additional things we’ve put in our shoes to make them feel extra special. We hope you enjoy them!

As CEO and Creative Director, Ron became famous for re-engineering footwear and creating the world’s first All Day Heels®. Now Ron’s All Day Heels® technology is found in all his collections with styles ranging from Jeans to Tuxedos for both him and her.